8 Fun Facts About CW’s iZombie

To some, it feels like the zombie and post-apocalyptic word craze has been going on a little too long, but luckily for them, iZombie has offered a fresh outlook on the life of the undead. Instead of setting the show in a world filled with man-eating zombies, iZombie actually focuses on the world of Liv – a zombie who lives on her own and keeps her identity a secret from her family and friends. Instead of eating brains like an uncivilized zombie, Liv gets a job at the local police morgue and eats the brains of murder victims.

But, there’s another twist: whenever Liv eats a brain, she gets some of their memories. She soon finds that she can use this skill to solve the murders of the people she eats, which leads her to helping a detective, whom she tells that she is a physic who interprets the information through visions.

If that’s not enough, the first season has already thrown in many juicy story lines and even other zombies. So, even if you think zombie-infested TV shows aren’t your thing, there’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy iZombie.

iZombie airs weekly on the CW and can also be caught on Hulu. Even though the first season just completed its finale, the success and enormous fan response has already led to a second return set for next year.


If you’ve watched the show already, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the series. If that’s the case, you can spread the word by sharing these eight fun facts with your friends:

  1. The actors who play Liv and Blaine (Rose McIver and David Anders) both had parts on the highly-successful TV show Once Upon a Time. Although minor characters, Rose had the part as Tinker Bell and David played Dr.Whale/Frankenstein.
  2. The show is actually based on a comic book, though the adaption is very loose. The comic book was created under the same name by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. It was published by DC Comics’ Vertigo.
  3. Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is based on protagonist Gwen Dylan from the comic book. While it hasn’t been confirmed, fans speculate the name change was simply for comedic effect (Liv Moor being a play on the words “Live More”).
  4. In the series, Major Lillywhite is actually named after Major Applewhite from the University of Texas. He was a quarterback at the university. The reason is that the University of Texas is Rob Thomas’ (the show’s creator) alam mater.
  5. Rob Thomas is also known to have created another show called Veronica Mars. iZombie guest stars Percy Draggs III and Ryan Hansen are known for Veronica Mars.
  6. Aly Michalka, who plays Peyton Charles on the show has been on CW for another series, but this time she plays a reoccurring character instead of a regular.
  7. In the episode “The Exterminator,” a handful of the names they used were those of former Seattle Supersonics. The names included Wally Walker, Don Watts, Fred Brown, and Marvin Webster.
  8. In one of the episodes, there’s a girl in the morgue who Liv reveals to be named Stephanie Germanotta, which is Lady Gaga’s real name.

Even if you already knew some of these fun facts, there’s sure to be more in store for next season when all of the cast return for another brain-eating set of episodes. And it seems fans can’t wait.

Since the premiere earlier this year, critics quickly jumped on board to praise the show for its originality and the fact that it took the concept of zombies into a less gory and more modernized world. The life of Liv is obviously comedic, but also regularly compelling as viewers get to see her handle her secret life as a zombie in interesting and usually humorous ways.

One thing has been made clear within the short first season: the show is set to be a huge success. Fans have already said many times over that if the second season is in any way comparable to the first, they think the show will be running for a longtime.


While not nominated for any awards yet, it seems like iZombie and its crew is well on its way to being one of the most successful shows on air. Watching the comedic struggles of a secret zombie going undercover as a psychic to help a local detective, what could be better (or more original for that matter)? You can see a lot of the old episodes on the Internet when you subscribe to XFINITY Internet Plans by Comcast at http://cabletvinternet.s9.com/xfinity-high-speed-internet-plans-.html.