Grey’s Anatomy

Having a television show that has been running since 2005 until the present is something that you can boast about. This is the case for Grey’s Anatomy that has proven to be one of the top tier television shows that is currently on air in television.

Grey’s Anatomy is a show that tells the individual lives of the professionals working in a particular hospital, especially the drama that comes along with it. Their love lives and their professional lives intertwine, and sometimes interfering with their work. There are many struggles that they have to go through in order to make it on top of the field that they are working in.


In spite of all the drama involving the professionals in the story – interns and residents – there is still one main character which is mainly involved in the story. Her name is Meredith Grey. The title may or may not be connected to her as the hospital that they are working for is also named Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Meredith Grey is married to a neurosurgeon who also works in the hospital. The story follows this aspect of her life as well.

Aside from her interaction with her husband, the story might also side track to her relationship with her best friend, Cristina Yang. She is an achiever who thinks nothing more than her job as the most important thing in the world. Such principle has led her in dealing with a rocky relationship with her husband. In addition, this has also been a roadblock in his desire in having a child. This is a totally opposite thinking to what Grey has in mind.

Along the way more characters are being introduced in the plot of the story. Just like any other television show that is being aired, this adds a new dimension to the show. The characters come and some might go, but each one has added a new dimension to the story that made the plot more interesting for the viewers.

In addition, Grey’s Anatomy is also released per season, and each season adds a new plot in an already diverse storyline. Every dimension is important for it will add to the thrill that comes with watching the series. All these will contribute towards the ending of the story, which hopefully, will be as compelling and will be as watched as how it started.

Overall, the series shows us that professionals are not as perfect as the stereotypes claim them to be. They have their own struggles that they go through, and sometimes, they become things that are very difficult to overcome. Other times, these leave scars, traumatizing them for life.


Aside from emotional and personal struggles, the threat to their health caused by their profession is real. It is compounded by the problem of fighting for position in a cutthroat hospital where individuals are not so willing to put aside their egos.

The TV series is full of drama and life realization, but it is not short of any comedy. It is a story of what a professional in the medical field goes through while trying to make sure that their patients come out alive.