8 Fun Facts About CW’s iZombie

To some, it feels like the zombie and post-apocalyptic word craze has been going on a little too long, but luckily for them, iZombie has offered a fresh outlook on the life of the undead. Instead of setting the show in a world filled with man-eating zombies, iZombie actually focuses on the world of Liv – a zombie who lives on her own and keeps her identity a secret from her family and friends. Instead of eating brains like an uncivilized zombie, Liv gets a job at the local police morgue and eats the brains of murder victims.

But, there’s another twist: whenever Liv eats a brain, she gets some of their memories. She soon finds that she can use this skill to solve the murders of the people she eats, which leads her to helping a detective, whom she tells that she is a physic who interprets the information through visions.

If that’s not enough, the first season has already thrown in many juicy story lines and even other zombies. So, even if you think zombie-infested TV shows aren’t your thing, there’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy iZombie.

iZombie airs weekly on the CW and can also be caught on Hulu. Even though the first season just completed its finale, the success and enormous fan response has already led to a second return set for next year.


If you’ve watched the show already, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the series. If that’s the case, you can spread the word by sharing these eight fun facts with your friends:

  1. The actors who play Liv and Blaine (Rose McIver and David Anders) both had parts on the highly-successful TV show Once Upon a Time. Although minor characters, Rose had the part as Tinker Bell and David played Dr.Whale/Frankenstein.
  2. The show is actually based on a comic book, though the adaption is very loose. The comic book was created under the same name by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. It was published by DC Comics’ Vertigo.
  3. Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is based on protagonist Gwen Dylan from the comic book. While it hasn’t been confirmed, fans speculate the name change was simply for comedic effect (Liv Moor being a play on the words “Live More”).
  4. In the series, Major Lillywhite is actually named after Major Applewhite from the University of Texas. He was a quarterback at the university. The reason is that the University of Texas is Rob Thomas’ (the show’s creator) alam mater.
  5. Rob Thomas is also known to have created another show called Veronica Mars. iZombie guest stars Percy Draggs III and Ryan Hansen are known for Veronica Mars.
  6. Aly Michalka, who plays Peyton Charles on the show has been on CW for another series, but this time she plays a reoccurring character instead of a regular.
  7. In the episode “The Exterminator,” a handful of the names they used were those of former Seattle Supersonics. The names included Wally Walker, Don Watts, Fred Brown, and Marvin Webster.
  8. In one of the episodes, there’s a girl in the morgue who Liv reveals to be named Stephanie Germanotta, which is Lady Gaga’s real name.

Even if you already knew some of these fun facts, there’s sure to be more in store for next season when all of the cast return for another brain-eating set of episodes. And it seems fans can’t wait.

Since the premiere earlier this year, critics quickly jumped on board to praise the show for its originality and the fact that it took the concept of zombies into a less gory and more modernized world. The life of Liv is obviously comedic, but also regularly compelling as viewers get to see her handle her secret life as a zombie in interesting and usually humorous ways.

One thing has been made clear within the short first season: the show is set to be a huge success. Fans have already said many times over that if the second season is in any way comparable to the first, they think the show will be running for a longtime.


While not nominated for any awards yet, it seems like iZombie and its crew is well on its way to being one of the most successful shows on air. Watching the comedic struggles of a secret zombie going undercover as a psychic to help a local detective, what could be better (or more original for that matter)? You can see a lot of the old episodes on the Internet when you subscribe to XFINITY Internet Plans by Comcast at http://cabletvinternet.s9.com/xfinity-high-speed-internet-plans-.html.

Why “Atlanta” Could Be A Breath of Fresh Air for The Walking Dead

The-walking-dead (1)

The Walking Dead has spent a lot of time in rural areas, beginning with season 2’s venture to Hershel’s farm. Since then, the group has rarely ventured near any sort of city; they have mostly stuck to the woods, the countryside, and the occasional small town. In Consumed, however, Daryl and Carol were forced to go back to Atlanta in their search for Beth. The sudden change in location was an interesting change from the usual Walking Dead locales, and if the show does decide to stick in Atlanta even past the Beth storyline, it could be a breath of fresh air. The following are three reasons why many fans are hoping for the show to stick in the city for at least a while longer.

It’s time for a change of landscape
The show has been stuck in the countryside for far too long! The characters have hardly seen anything more lively than  a small town dime store since season 2, and while the woods can be a thrilling place for chase scenes or sudden walkers, it has gotten a bit humdrum since the show’s second season. The city landscape would provide new backdrops, new locations, and plenty of new dilemmas or situations for the characters to experience.

The city could prove to be more dangerous
There is a reason that the group decided to stay out of Atlanta after retreating with Rick: it just wasn’t safe. In the context of the show, the city of Atlanta is dangerous simply because it is so populated—not only could there be large clusters of walkers within the city limits, there are endless nooks, crannies and alleys for the walkers to be hiding in. And for buildings with many stories, the group would have to clear out multiple floors and countless rooms (imagine clearing a high-rise!) before they could feel safe.

But it’s not just the walkers that the group would need to fear in the city. It would be perfectly realistic for other human groups to be holding up in the city, just like the hospital survivors, who have carved out a rather disturbing niche for themselves. The group would have to contend both with the increased risk of being cornered by walkers and the risk of running into less than savory groups, who—at worst—could be competition for resources. You can sign up with this new TV streaming service, VIDGO,  to keep up to date with all the episodes of The Walking Dead.


3 Ways the Writers of the Walking Dead Can Improve Beth


Beth is often cited as one of the least favorite characters in The Walking Dead. However, much of the dislike for Beth can be traced to the writing behind the character and the writer’s general lack of interest in promoting Beth as anything other than a prop or a reminder of the past at the farm. Several recent episodes have given Beth much more interesting material and subsequently have made her a more enjoyable character. The following are three ways that the writers of the Walking Dead can drastically improve Beth’s character.

No more singing
We get it—the singing is meant to be a sign of hope and a reminder of the past when things were all right. The first time, or even the second time, that Beth sang it could be excused as a representation of her hope for a better world and her desire to remember her life as it used to be. However, Beth simply sang too many songs—at this point, when Beth sings, it’s not hopeful or awe-inspiring, and it’s annoying. Writers should avoid having Beth sing songs unless there is an extremely good reason for it.

Explore her relationship outside of Maggie even further
Up until recently, Beth has been relegated to two roles: Judith’s pseudo-mother and Maggie’s sister. With the separation of the group, however, Beth has been given a chance to explore herself outside of these two roles. When she was with Daryl, she needed to become more of a fighter—and now that she is on her own in the hospital, she has to learn how to fend for herself in extremely dangerous situations without the help of Rick, Daryl or the group. These episodes reflected the best writing for Beth because they give her a chance to be a character that isn’t simply an add-on for Maggie or Judith.


She doesn’t have to be totally badass
There’s a tendency for some Walking Dead fans to deride Beth because she doesn’t like to fight or kill and tends to choose caretaking roles. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—not everyone has to be Daryl 2.0—and the difference between Beth’s normally non-violent nurturing roles and the necessity to kick some butt when necessary (such as in the hospital episode) is made more interesting because there is such a great contrast.

Grey’s Anatomy

Having a television show that has been running since 2005 until the present is something that you can boast about. This is the case for Grey’s Anatomy that has proven to be one of the top tier television shows that is currently on air in television.

Grey’s Anatomy is a show that tells the individual lives of the professionals working in a particular hospital, especially the drama that comes along with it. Their love lives and their professional lives intertwine, and sometimes interfering with their work. There are many struggles that they have to go through in order to make it on top of the field that they are working in.


In spite of all the drama involving the professionals in the story – interns and residents – there is still one main character which is mainly involved in the story. Her name is Meredith Grey. The title may or may not be connected to her as the hospital that they are working for is also named Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Meredith Grey is married to a neurosurgeon who also works in the hospital. The story follows this aspect of her life as well.

Aside from her interaction with her husband, the story might also side track to her relationship with her best friend, Cristina Yang. She is an achiever who thinks nothing more than her job as the most important thing in the world. Such principle has led her in dealing with a rocky relationship with her husband. In addition, this has also been a roadblock in his desire in having a child. This is a totally opposite thinking to what Grey has in mind.

Along the way more characters are being introduced in the plot of the story. Just like any other television show that is being aired, this adds a new dimension to the show. The characters come and some might go, but each one has added a new dimension to the story that made the plot more interesting for the viewers.

In addition, Grey’s Anatomy is also released per season, and each season adds a new plot in an already diverse storyline. Every dimension is important for it will add to the thrill that comes with watching the series. All these will contribute towards the ending of the story, which hopefully, will be as compelling and will be as watched as how it started.

Overall, the series shows us that professionals are not as perfect as the stereotypes claim them to be. They have their own struggles that they go through, and sometimes, they become things that are very difficult to overcome. Other times, these leave scars, traumatizing them for life.


Aside from emotional and personal struggles, the threat to their health caused by their profession is real. It is compounded by the problem of fighting for position in a cutthroat hospital where individuals are not so willing to put aside their egos.

The TV series is full of drama and life realization, but it is not short of any comedy. It is a story of what a professional in the medical field goes through while trying to make sure that their patients come out alive.

Charter Communications Will Change Your Perspective

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Are You Excited about Ultra HD?

Sony Ultra HD Home Cinema Projector

Sony Ultra HD Home Cinema Projector

Why is everyone so wound up over Ultra HD and 4K? On the surface, the answer seems obvious. For starters, by its very nature, a 4096p image provides about four times as much resolution as a 1920p x 1080p. Conversely, there must be a point where pixels are no longer noticed regarding a home theater system so that purchasing more of them at outrageous prices isn’t worth it anymore. Certainly, 3D is richer thanks to 4K since it increases the resolution for the ultimate TV viewing experience.

The Ultra HD Home Cinema Projector

Rather than simply incorporating an upscale version of 1080p, Sony integrated an all-out 4K foundation when it built the first authentic Ultra HD product available to consumers. In 2012, Sony launched the VPL-VW1000ES home cinema projector using technologies that were initially developed for its commercial projector line. Without a doubt, the VPL-VW1000ES follows the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) requirements, which employs a somewhat different resolution (4096p x 2160p) than those of the Ultra HD TVs.

In no way are they related to JVC’s 4K branded projectors including the DLA-X55R, DLA-X95R, and DLA-X75R. These projectors produce a true Full HD image while utilizing pixel-shifting panel technology (referred to as e-shift2) to generate a better detailed, textured picture.

Benefits of the Sony VPL-VW1000ES Home Cinema Projector
– Built-in UHD 8.8 million pixel SXRD panel
– Recognizes Ultra HD content over HDMI
– Displays content natively
– Up-converts any incoming source
– Produces genuine Ultra HD resolution 


The bottom line is – how much does resolution actually matter? 4K is pushing to totally eliminate the pixel altogether. Therefore, the goal is to create an image that appears like a natural, seamless whirl of colors as opposed to a typical computer generated image. Get ready – 4K Ultra HD is the future.

DISH Network Packages Will Save You Money

Dish Network can provide for all your home programming needs in a single programming package. You can choose from American programming or from a wide selection of International programming to satisfy the cravings you have. You can watch these selections from any location with the Dish Anywhere service. Through Dish Anywhere, you can have access to live television channels, Blockbuster@Home movies and shows, up to 15,000 On Demand titles and all of your recorded programming. Go to http://www.getsatellite.com to find out more about DISH satellite television deals.move-in-deal-cinemax-hbo-sports

Blockbuster@Home is a service that supplies you with all of the movies, games and shows that Blockbuster is so famous for. You can stream this programming and enjoy games and DVDs sent to you through the mail. It also comes with up to 20 additional movie channels.

When you use the Dish Hopper, you get even more of a benefit from the Dish Anywhere service. The Hopper can store more programming- up to 250 hours of HD content and as much as 2,000 hours of standard definition programming. The Hopper automatically records primetime programming, skips the commercials and helps you find the remote when it gets lost. With the Hopper you can also show programming in up to four rooms at one time and check to see what the kids are watching without getting off the couch.

Dish Network Satellite TV also provides On Demand and Pay Per View programming that can deliver new movie releases and live action events that can make for a great family night at home. By renting them at home, you spend less time in the movie store and more time at home, where you want to be.


Dishnetwork also provides Bundled service packages that include programming, high-speed internet and home phone services. You can take advantage of the money-saving discounts that these bundles provide while you are enjoying quality services.