Why “Atlanta” Could Be A Breath of Fresh Air for The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead has spent a lot of time in rural areas, beginning with season 2’s venture to Hershel’s farm. Since then, the group has rarely ventured near any sort of city; they have mostly stuck to the woods, the countryside, and the occasional small town. In Consumed, however, Daryl and Carol were forced to go back to Atlanta in their search for Beth. The sudden change in location was an interesting change from the usual Walking Dead locales, and if the show does decide to stick in Atlanta even past the Beth storyline, it could be a breath of fresh air. The following are three reasons why many fans are hoping for the show to stick in the city for at least a while longer.

It’s time for a change of landscape
The show has been stuck in the countryside for far too long! The characters have hardly seen anything more lively than  a small town dime store since season 2, and while the woods can be a thrilling place for chase scenes or sudden walkers, it has gotten a bit humdrum since the show’s second season. The city landscape would provide new backdrops, new locations, and plenty of new dilemmas or situations for the characters to experience.

The city could prove to be more dangerous
There is a reason that the group decided to stay out of Atlanta after retreating with Rick: it just wasn’t safe. In the context of the show, the city of Atlanta is dangerous simply because it is so populated—not only could there be large clusters of walkers within the city limits, there are endless nooks, crannies and alleys for the walkers to be hiding in. And for buildings with many stories, the group would have to clear out multiple floors and countless rooms (imagine clearing a high-rise!) before they could feel safe.

But it’s not just the walkers that the group would need to fear in the city. It would be perfectly realistic for other human groups to be holding up in the city, just like the hospital survivors, who have carved out a rather disturbing niche for themselves. The group would have to contend both with the increased risk of being cornered by walkers and the risk of running into less than savory groups, who—at worst—could be competition for resources. You can sign up with this new TV streaming service, VIDGO,  to keep up to date with all the episodes of The Walking Dead.